Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This is not a post about makeup.


I was going to do a post about eyeshadows, but I felt that talking about what is happening in the world is more important. 

I am not doing a formal post because I want to show solitude to all the Britans who were affected by the bombing after the concert in Manchester, the Filipinos/Filipinas who were affected by maute in Minadao, the Thai people who were affected by the bombing at a hospital in Bangkok, and the car bombing in Syria.

I urge everyone to read and share stories to build awarness around these issues. The New York Times reported on the Manchester bombing, here (caution, the photo may be graphic to some); and the Bangkok hospitial bombing, here. BBC News  reported on the Manchester bombing, here. The Washington Post reported on Duterte declaring martial law in Marawi, here. France24 wrote about the car bombing in Syria, here

Please share credible sources, not just random tweets. I was mislead on some tweets regarding the Philipines. The Fillipino Police asked the its people to refrain using social media and spreading videos and images that could affect the safety of its civilians and military.

I am absolutley stunned and heartbroken over these events.

Please spread positivity and unity.

Stay safe everyone. 

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