Update for the Week ^_^

Hello Everyone! How are you all doing? I just want to say I will be on hiatus till this Friday (U.S Est Time). I have some important tests to study for because the board of education hates the students :D Also I have some important announcements and reminders ^_^

#1 Giveaway // Remember to join by giveaway here where you can win one Mac Lipstick, Lipglass, and Lip Pencil of your choice. I don't want any of you guys saying you will do it later and end up missing the deadline, so do it now! (Lol...sorry if that was too pushy)

#2 I am going to DC // I am heading to D.C for a few days for Spring Break! If any of you guys have any places I should visit, let me know ^_^

#3 Your The Bomb // Just passing by letting you know, your pretty awesome ^_^

Thanks for reading-XOXO

p.s - I have a little poll going on at the bottom of the page, so if can spare twenty seconds and vote, it be be awesome!

Lets talk in the comments below!

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