Manicure Monday and Other News

Happy Monday everyone! I have been really loving my new blogging schedule lately which is posting on Monday and Thursday! To get straight to the point, I have not done my nails for months which has caused me to return to my old habit of biting my nails from stress.

The Nude Duo

After the recent storm *whose name will not be mentioned* caused with her lip color. I have tried to venture out into the world of nude lips. The whole purpose is to make you lips look naked..right? Anyways, I got my hands on two products that have forever changed my view of the iconic nude lips.

Lush Haul

If you ever go to Lush there are a certain products you need to purchase to get the entire Lush experience. Obviously you don't need to follow this list, but when you live at least a half and hour from a Lush, you need to make the best of your experience.

Fresh Matters

Ever since Elle Fowler showed me what a bath bomb was, I knew I would not let myself die without trying one. When I remembered that mall I visited this past weekend had a Lush I was ecstatic! I immediately went online to create a wishlist of all the luxurious products that Lush offered. I have visited that Lush twice and was able to pick up some lovely things, which I will do a post about later this week, but I wanted to talk about the lovely free gift they give to you as well.

Harvest Festival

I never understood the fun of a farm until recently when my sister and I ventured out to retrieve some warm apple cider. Yes we traveled more than thirty minutes just to get warm apple cider. I was thinking this place would be a place with screaming children and parents fighting over pumpkins, but I was presently surprised...