Monday, December 9, 2013

Review | Forever 21 Sheer Lip Colors in 'Pink' and 'Berry'

Hello ♡ I know last time I posted was last Monday, but that is because I was busy with school work, honest!  Over the weekend, I went to watch Catching Fire with some friends, the movie was amazing!  After my friend and I took the little money we had and went shopping. I only picked three things (all from Forever 21): A gel eyeliner (tell me if you want a review) and two sheer lip balms, which is what I will be reviewing. They were both $3.80 and I picked up two out of the three colors.

I  love the packaging of this product. It exceeds my expectations of  F21 makeup because it looks very elegant. The packaging is reminiscent of the Color Whispers from Maybelline, but these have gold bases. The only thing I did not like was that tubes look very similar. When I got them the only thing I used to tell the colors apart was the price tag with the name of the color on it. In the store they looked very similar, but with some Photoshop you can tell the difference. I originally thought I picked up all three colors (red, berry, and pink), but as I was in line to pay I had actually picked one 'pink' and two 'berry.' I was too lazy to get the red, so I only bought two.

Colors and Performance
Above you can see both of the colors I got, to the left is 'pink' and to the right is 'berry' ( same for both photos' ). They both contain glitter/shimmer, and the pink has some satin shimmer to give it more of a fuchsia/luminous tone. These colors have a smooth application: but ,sadly, I feel the grittiness from the glitter/shimmer.  The colors are very sheer, and when I say sheer, I mean the sheerest I have ever seen of a lip product other than clear chapstick. I can vaguely tell the colors apart, unless if I get up close and personal with a mirror. They smell like old lipsticks, you know that original lipstick smell. The smell of a mom lipstick, now you know what I mean. They do have some moisturizing properties, which I find a plus.

Final Thoughts?
Though the price is cheap and the packaging is pretty, I would not suggest this product. I honestly think if you are looking for a light sheer color that also has some moisturizing benefits, pick up a Revlon Lip Butter or a Dior Addict Color. I think this would be good for a young girl who wants some makeup, but you don't want to give her some serious color. It looks like a lipstick, but performs like a chapstick. Mediocre I should say.

Tell me what you think below?
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  1. It's unfortunate that this product was a let down. F21 has really cute designs when it comes to their own makeup line, but I haven't tried any of it. But I have felt their foundation brush and it feels so soft.

    1. I used their brushes when I was just starting with makeup and they were great for beginners. The designs really draw you in: the floral design makes me want to buy their products. I highly suggest you try some of their brushes and some of their makeup products! ~Thanks for the comment!

  2. F21 does make some really good eyelashes! Just make sure to buy the individual ones, not the ones that come in a set of three or four.

    1. I saw some when I was there, I will definitely pick some up when I go back! ~Thanks for the comment and suggestion:)

  3. Hey! can you do the review for the gel eyeliner? Thanks! :)

  4. I really like F21 make up brushes, but their make up products aren't the greatest. :<
    They have very nice eyelashes though! A little hard, but nothing a little wiggling can't fix. 8D

    Thank you for the review! <3

    1. Your welcome, I can't wait to get my hands on some eyelashes:)



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