Spring make-up looks for un-talented people

Spring is in the air ( not in Ohio....) Flowers blooming and the sun shining... on the west coast it is!

Where I live, I am still stuck in a Fall weather. You heard right! Not Spring, not Winter, nor Sprinter, or.. you get the picture.

If it is not outside, why not capture spring in your make-up with something elegant, sweet, and romantic. These are the characteristics I think of when I think spring.

If you love smokey-eyes for spring, GO FOR IT! Express yourself in a age-appropriate manner.

I have posted some videos and links to some great tutorials. 

Like she said, who does not want to look like a effortless beauty? (note: don't use too much highlighter for dry skin, it will just enhance it)

A great use of pastels, shows off a very cute, simple looks. Oh...I forgot to mention



To be honest nothing else really caught my eyes:( I feel like the looks above capture the essence of spring. Make the full use of pastels this spring, according to Laila (reliable source) these colors make you happy.

I know I was going to do a post on part two of my vanity...I'll do that Thursday or Friday. ( part one)

Do you have any looks you have created or I should check out?

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4minute comback this FRIDAY!!!!


  1. They're actually too sweet & seems working for me :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. I actually did a prom like on my blog, featuring blue smokey eyes! I love smokey eyes; definitely a staple technique that everyone should have in their arsenal, just because it looks really good on everyone. xx

    1. I just checked it out! Looks very good. I like how used your inspiration well:)

  3. I love smokey eyes but I think they look horrible on me! I tend to stay towards a neutral shade so it doesn't overpower my face. I love the links you posted!



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. Great tips.
    I love the smokey eye effect.
    Thanks so much for your comment,
    I'm following you back!
    Keep in touch.


    1. also, you said to follow you back on blog lovin, but I didn't see you there.

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    I came across your blog and am your newest follower with GFC!